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“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

This success story of Amit Singal, CEO Startup Buddy is sure to persuade you to follow your passion and pull out all the stops.

Started his career as a Chartered Accountant in the year 2006 and started his own practice like any other Chartered accountants in the country. You know what’s important to be successful? It is to identify the potential of an opportunity and grab it. Likewise Amit Singal got an opportunity to work with Capital-18 an extended arm of Network 18 and he grabbed this opportunity as the company was seeking his guidance and he was appointed as an auditor. Eventually when he interacted with the founders of the company, he realized that the founders of the company were not serious about the compliances and company was facing difficulties in getting funding from investors. Although the company had a good potential idea, but due to the compliance issue, investors weren’t investing money in the company.

This very problem that he witnessed in the company, triggered the zest within him to find Startup Buddy, a one-stop solution which will offer end-to-end accounting, financial and advisory services using high end technology. People were not aware about the issue in compliances and also it was a herculean task to explain the norms and cost to the Entrepreneurs as most of them used to compare the cost charged  by the company with other traditional professionals. Another big challenge for the company was that, most of the Startup failed at the early stage itself and they faced difficulties in paying to their vendors and also failed at paying to the company as well. It was a great challenge for the company to survive at that point. But as they say ‘Every cloud has silver lining’ so as there was no much competition as every profession especially CS, CA, lawyers were focusing on the large corporates, it actually was an advantage for the company itself . In  2015, when our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi declared the mission of ‘Start up India, Stand up India’ it  turned out to be a boon for the company Startup Buddy. It boosted the company and eventually people came to the company to understand about Startup ecosystem. Penalty on the non-compliances were increased by the Govt at that time, which again proved as a boon to the company. By now all the Startup companies were serious about their compliances not only because of the investors but also because of the Govt. The company got recognized due to the lots of awareness programs that happened and eventually striving and thriving, Amit singal paved the gateway of success for Startup Buddy.

As of now he has invested in about 31 companies and out of which he is still an investor in 25 startups till date to boost the startup ecosystem and also recently launched SEBI approved Micro VC Fund. “Never be too emotional or rigid about your idea, once you know that your  idea is no longer relevant for your customers, then allow and accept the alterations and make it perfect” says the CEO of Startup Buddy, Mr Amit Singal.


Dare to dream, Dare to try and Dare to succeed “


Goals, ambitions, hard work, dreams are the words which some people are good at reading from books while some people are often good and satisfied by hearing it from others or some movies… and next comes those people who are good at believing in those words and implementing them in real life just like NIKITA BALIARSINGH and NISHITA BALIARSINGH, the founder of FELIS LEO VENTURES PRIVATE LTD.

Imagine what if a sales or a management person suddenly changes his/her mind and starts dreaming of becoming a scientific researcher, just to peruse his/her passion. Will that be possible? Certainly not. Because, a person who had already invested one-third of his/her life cannot risk the rest of his/her life in an illusion of uncertain destiny.

Surprisingly Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh have made all the above notions false. Though, being from a commerce background they accumulated all the efforts to learn science, and ultimately they are successful today the way they wanted to be. They cultivated their passion with such dedication that they are now an example for many. Their journey…

“Childhood is a phase in everyone’s life where a child only dreams to be a part of his/her Disney land. Very few children are there who sets apart their goal and dreams to be something out of the box”.
It all started when they were in school and entered into the world of commerce, standard 11, terms like company, dictatorship and shares were all new and fascinating to both of the sisters.. and time was all in their favor as, during those phase words like entrepreneurship, startup was trendy in the

“So we always decided that we don’t want to do a job and we want to start our company and create jobs that was the basic mindset from the school” -Nikita Baliarsingh Eventually, after completing their 12th boards just like others they had plenty of time with them and so they found an opportunity to develop their own website, being a freelance they welcomed this opportunity with grace although later on, they knew that developing website was not a long live futuristic plan for them so they decided to multiply into digital marketing after that and many more related stuffs to sustain.

Later on from their college with the popularity of paper sustainability and greener planet terms they realized the importance of the words and how they could contribute to it. So at that point, the entire notion changed into conventional methods. Then, they started doing research about all those things that they could change in an Eco-friendly way.

“We worked on it further and we tried to develop on things and one among us was a person fascinated about vehicles, automobiles then we tried to understand why aren’t the electric vehicle’s very popular in India and Orissa,”-Nikita Baliarsingh.

They researched further and they found out that as the companies decided to launch the cars at a time so there were many concept cars that were not coming on the road. They noted that battery charging and battery retention period of how long it could travel were the answers for the main questions of that time, so that was the time they thought they could change the entire battery technology.

“That is where we thought we could change the entire battery technology and fortunately at that time one of the books that our grandfather had given us, had this one statement which said that proteins have potential benefits in electrolytes which is one of the components in batteries”-Nikita Baliarsingh.

This line appeared to be ‘like a cherry on the cake’ for them. Without wasting much time they focused on that line and picked up to research and finally they found that yes proteins are electron positive that can really help them in flowing and storing hours. They researched further and urged to develop an entire concept. That’s where Nexus came up, and again they had one such discussion with their college faculty and they came to know that there were many cropped residues that were not used and were being burnt out which were also causing air pollution.

The latest project that both of them were working on was initiated by Nishita, as she was into the research and development area and Nikita herself was mostly into the technical fields. So they both merged their knowledge, time, hard work, dedication and discovered that those batteries charged very fast, a way faster than the current leafy mine batteries, they can be retained further for long term travel vehicles. So it worked well in their favor and then based on those research work they filed for a provisional patent, and later they got the provisional patent. They did further research and tried to develop a commercial product and then they filed the patent completely –which they were ready to launch within a year, during this, there were many awards and felicitations for them.


“Talking about unseen opportunities I would like to talk about the present project i.e, the Nexus batteries, so the first thing we realized that electric vehicles were very popular, because it was the future ultimately. We had been putting noble energies into power. Also, Nishita and I, both of us, though, not having a scientific background, to be honest, we had tremendous interest in these technologies and scientific research which we decided to go into it, when we realized that proteins are potential, which actually was nobody talking about at that time and that is why we wanted to research about it further, that was the first unseen opportunity, fortunately, there were no competitors on proteins yet.”

Crop residue being the waste material and that not being used anywhere else with no beneficial works. So, we tried to inculcate those ways into our product and we took that as our raw material, this is a concept called industrial ecology where we used the waste – as the raw material in another industry.”-Nishita Baliarsingh


1. “We did not have any technical background. So understanding the chemical ounces of the product – was very tough . So we had to personally sit down and read a lot of textbooks to understand their zone”. And so they also had to look for people where they had a like-minded thinking or who believed that proteins could make a difference because when initially they interacted with their college friends and teachers they really liked the idea and appreciated it but they didn’t know how to get with it because proteins are a very rare thing to work with especially when it comes to battery technologies.

2. Both of the sisters interacted with a lot of scholars and research people who were working on proteins and then only they could gradually develop it.

3. The next problem that they faced was gaining some funding for the project, although the project was very innovative and it was also a futuristic work. People were not very convinced on the first go. So, they tried for some revenue collection first, before the founders tried to put in some funds in the company, most of the time that happens. “Funding was something in which we were facing some backslash as we were still into the R&D and we didn’t of icially launch the product. So right then, we were trying to tackle that problem, and we were trying to generate and work on that grants, as grants could help us push the product fast forward”.

4.“When we discovered that we already had a lot of people working on battery technologies, at some points we were stressed, as so many people are already there in the market and so it can create obstacles for us”. They researched on their competitors as well as what and how they were working and what was their field of work, and later on, they realized that there were lots of points of differentiation so they did not need to stop the project and grow on fearlessly.


Their team members consisted of people from multiple domains such as one, specialized in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and electronic and instrumentation work, also who were a bunch of close friends.

Learning from my journey….- NIKITA BALIARSINGH
“ A person has to be always ready for last minute problems, or things, that they might not be perfect individually or personally and obviously we will have to be free to see that competitors are coming up in the market. So, emotionally we have to be very strong because I really believe that entrepreneurship is not only just all the physical efforts that we put into a company, it’s a lot more about how emotionally we handle the entire situation, and to keep the person going. To achieve the goals we have to be very stable emotionally and we have to be sure that we have to reach where we want to”

“Many people go for jobs but I would suggest to go for entrepreneurship as by this they can create jobs for many others and change their lifestyle”

“There are plenty of people who come up with negative notions and advise us to take different paths, if we believe that we can do it, we should go on with it”

There are some stories that we hear that make us feel enjoyed and relaxed while listening. Likewise, there are some extraordinary stories too which are engraved in our hearts forever and those stories must be pass onto others, those stories must be told in a way that the words should motivate millions of them who still step their foot back thinking about the uncertainty and consequences that their
dreams can bring. Because It’s time, it’s time for them to know how much power their dreams hold,
those dreams which are stated as mere mad thoughts by others who don’t believe in themselves. Those ‘mad thoughts’ thinkers must know how unique their ideas are and that it’s time for them to dive deep in the ocean of their dreams, keeping in mind that the first time will be way harder to survive, to thrive between multiple hurdles coming up on their way especially when you don’t know how to swim but it will really get easier and interesting when one will constantly not give up and with time they will learn how to swim and survive in their ocean of dreams with goals, ambitions, hard work, passion and


“The bigger your dreams are, the tougher the hurdles become and when the hurdles start to grittier, that’s when the goal becomes colossal.”


These were the lines that didn’t let her sleep and which pushed her to do things that a normal teenager wouldn’t even dream of doing. She belongs to a very small village and a conservative family where children were spoon-fed to not prioritize their education and instead work in agricultural fields or to do household chores. Taking lessons from her own personal sufferings her heart went mum for all those young children who were going through the same thing she once did. And she then decided to help all those underprivileged children around her and do something to make their lives better.

But in order to educate other people, she first educated herself. She went to an NGO and learned all about India’s laws and Regulations which helped her make people understand a lot of things in a finer manner. Child labor was something that was very common in her village.

People didn’t know that something like that even exists and is illegal. She personally went door to door to spread awareness among everyone and to humbly warn them that what they are doing is wrong and has severe consequences.

It is said that, If you are working on something that your heart wants, then you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. But having said that, nothing great comes easy. Life has a twisted way of testing a person’s will and it tested hers right from the beginning when she was on her own and there was no one except a few to support her. But you see, she never gave up on her dreams and that’s why she’s here today.

So here we are, presenting you with Anju Verma, a girl who proved that age is just a number and if you have enough determination and dedication then the sky is the limit for you. She is a 17-year-old and is the CEO of an NGO “BULAND UDAAN” which works for the well being of children in tattered state. She started from scratch and now has 1000+ team members who work with her. As of now, She has stopped 60 cases of Child Marriage, 3 cases of Sexual Harassment, and 1 Female Feticide case. She’s not only a mere inspiration to everyone, but she’s the reason why girls will no longer be dependent on anyone and can dream of becoming something. She gave hope to the hopeless and reminded them to wake up with a purpose and
work for it.

Her heroic story teaches us to be brave and fearless and most importantly to hold on. Because your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.




Penning down this success story about a company which is so unconventional and distinct in so many ways!

Two years ago Vishnu Nagaraj who already started his venture in the startup industry was seamlessly doing good as an entrepreneur with his first company taGDyou.  As they say ‘Don’t wait for the opportunity create it’ that’s what exactly Vishnu did! As he  went on to be the guest mentor for many IoT events, he realized that he wanted to  forge opportunities for others, help others to grow and build their own startups. It all started with his mere idea of creating a whatsapp group with his friends, to post all kind of opportunities  and help others how to startup. Meanwhile it emerged as a community to help the potential people to get hold of all kind opportunities to grow. This whatsapp group, which later turned out to be a community of people, who were ready to help each other in growing and prospering, was named as Carve Startup Labs – ‘Carving out the better tomorrows’

While sharing opportunities to others, he himself was bestowed upon with something great. The opportunity knocked at his door when he was asked to do his very first bootcamp in Gujrat and then there’s no looking back. He got opportunities from Government cell to do more bootcamps and create awareness about entrepreneurship. Carve Startup Labs finally got registered as a company in September 2019. This sheer journey of a whatsapp group to finally a company was mind boggling. It’s not always that you need every resource to build something great. We can always start from the scratch. A simple whatsapp group which now tends to become a big community/company, is fostering young minds and craving their skills.

Carve Startup Labs is an open platform to connect with mentors and to help you with your startups. Carve Startup Labs aims at fostering the most significant sectors of entrepreneurship i.e Rural Entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship.

Now CSL is carving a strong niche in young minds through creative and technical workshops. The community is extensively working towards providing opportunities to the potential people, mentoring and moulding to help them build their own startups.

Striving and thriving, Carve Startup Labs has come a long way. ‘‘If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins’’ You have a passion to do something, go follow that passion, choose that unconventional path, because that will eventually help you be happy and content. Chartering the unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly, Carve Startup Labs is now carving a strong niche in young minds for better tomorrows.


Your success lies in what drives you “


This Startup story of Ebin Alias is inspiring and will certainly make you believe that all you need in order to succeed, is a strong will and sheer resilience . A student who turned entrepreneur because he believed in the fact that “Dreams can come true, if you have the courage to peruse them”. It all started in the very college where he was studying to graduate. As it was a dream for him to be an entrepreneur, he started doing some  small projects and firmly believed that he could Startup in the college.

 It’s easier said than done and Ebin had to undergo many trials and tribulation in his college days and due to certain unseen circumstances, Startup in college didn’t happen for him. He went on to join a software company, but later realized that he wasn’t   satisfied with the job  and ended up quitting the job. After leaving the job, he decided to  join  a Startup company named Robo Inventions. He got the insights as in, how do robots work and how to build robots and gained a lot of knowledge while working in this Startup company. He was now very intrigued about robots and envisioned to do something great  in this field. Due to financial crisis, Ebin had to quit this job too. He joined a PCB manufacturing company and again ended up quitting it within few months as the job again  didn’t satisfy him. This was the  time, when Ebin decided to do something that he always wanted to do. Along with his three  colleagues he decided to have a Startup.

Four passionate engineers built a Startup and named the company as Teqard Labs Pvt Ltd. Unfortunately as a Startup it didn’t gain that much  attention.They invested money in building LED drivers with the mere hope that there will be a huge demand for their product in the market but unfortunately it didn’t happen. They provided students with robotic courses and kits which kept them going in terms of finance. Sooner or later did they realize that one of their suppliers was a UV manufacturer and due to this COVID-19 situation, they decided to find a solution as how can the incorporation of robots in hospitals, could help the mankind.As there is a decline in the number of COVID-19 patients, two areas that need attention now are hospitals and health centers where the affected and the recovered patients visited.  So they developed a Raybo, a smart UV disinfection robot, which can disinfect hospitals using ultraviolet rays. The controller can see the disinfection process as a live feed camera is installed in the robot. The robot will automatically turn off the UV rays, if it detects any human traces. This great initiative by Teqard Labs Pvt ltd, got everyone’s attention amidst this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. In the next stage of their  project the company is aiming to disinfect shopping malls, railway stations, inside planes, buses, and classrooms.

It’s the sheer  resilience of  Ebin Alias that helped him peruse his dream and achieve success. “When life tests your patience and endurance, all you need to do is believe in yourself and everything else will fall into place” says the Founder of Teqard Labs Pvt Ltd ~  Mr Ebin Alias.