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“The bigger your dreams are, the tougher the hurdles become and when the hurdles start to grittier, that’s when the goal becomes colossal.”


These were the lines that didn’t let her sleep and which pushed her to do things that a normal teenager wouldn’t even dream of doing. She belongs to a very small village and a conservative family where children were spoon-fed to not prioritize their education and instead work in agricultural fields or to do household chores. Taking lessons from her own personal sufferings her heart went mum for all those young children who were going through the same thing she once did. And she then decided to help all those underprivileged children around her and do something to make their lives better.

But in order to educate other people, she first educated herself. She went to an NGO and learned all about India’s laws and Regulations which helped her make people understand a lot of things in a finer manner. Child labor was something that was very common in her village.

People didn’t know that something like that even exists and is illegal. She personally went door to door to spread awareness among everyone and to humbly warn them that what they are doing is wrong and has severe consequences.

It is said that, If you are working on something that your heart wants, then you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. But having said that, nothing great comes easy. Life has a twisted way of testing a person’s will and it tested hers right from the beginning when she was on her own and there was no one except a few to support her. But you see, she never gave up on her dreams and that’s why she’s here today.

So here we are, presenting you with Anju Verma, a girl who proved that age is just a number and if you have enough determination and dedication then the sky is the limit for you. She is a 17-year-old and is the CEO of an NGO “BULAND UDAAN” which works for the well being of children in tattered state. She started from scratch and now has 1000+ team members who work with her. As of now, She has stopped 60 cases of Child Marriage, 3 cases of Sexual Harassment, and 1 Female Feticide case. She’s not only a mere inspiration to everyone, but she’s the reason why girls will no longer be dependent on anyone and can dream of becoming something. She gave hope to the hopeless and reminded them to wake up with a purpose and
work for it.

Her heroic story teaches us to be brave and fearless and most importantly to hold on. Because your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.