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Carve Start-up Labs is an open platform to connect with mentors and to help you with your startups. Carve Startup Labs is a network of incubators, accelerators, Government Cell and opportunity providers. It acts as a pillar of support and provides professional assistance for all the newbie’s in the Start-Up industry. Carve Start-up Labs aims at fostering the most significant sectors of entrepreneurship i.e Rural Entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship and their empowerment.

We organize

CSL organises Bootcamps, hackathons, accelerators programs and helps in  connecting you with the mentors advisers and investors to forge opportunities and carve the niche in the innovative minds. CSL organises workshops to create awareness about entrepreneurship and enrich the skills of young minds.


Hackathons gives hands-on experience in programming and coding. It strengthens their technical capabilities and also helps them bloom with ingenious ideas. CSL conducts two types of hackathons -– Internal and External, to enhance and improve coding skills. Mentees can take part in in-house or open hackathons depending on their interests.

Boot camps

Start-Up Boot Camp is an intensive Days/Week/ month (Yet to decide) program that facilitates new-comers to explore, learn and excel in their chosen domains. It is a constructive program that helps the Start-ups to become proficient in their area of expertise. The students get to develop an idea about the Start-Up sector through the personal experiences and seminars given by CEO’s, domain experts, project development teams. Having an insight into such discourses during the early stage of stepping into Start-Up would give the entrepreneurs an idea of what lays in store for them, the opportunities they have and also helps them network with notable people in this field.


CSL provides domain-based workshops during which the students get to have a hands-on experience which are a much needed exposure to improve their flair. Some of the technologies that CSL offers a workshop on are Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, tensor flow, Flutter, Google Cloud, and Python and so on. As a part of the workshop, the students are also encouraged to build projects based on their chosen domain. This allows them to explore their area of study even further and throw light on various concepts and ideas.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)

EACs conducted by CSL highlights the facets of entrepreneurship. It also explains about the perks of opting for such a unique and challenging career as an option.

Technology Driven Boot camps

CSL Tech Driven Boot Camp is a two-day event where the mentees are trained on coding and programming. CSL offers three levels of difficulty – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced that the mentee can choose from. The boot camp also includes individual and group projects, hands-on demos and lectures which thereby improves the understanding of the concepts. By the end of the program, the participants would have mastered the language and would be able to build fully functional web applications, websites and use development tools to complete their projects.

Acceleration Programs

Acceleration Program is exclusively designed to help Start-Ups at POC stage to get an in-depth insight of “How to run your company?” In this program, the entrepreneurs are guided, trained and financed on their specific platform. It gives a broader perspective of the domain, gives an exposure to tech communities and helps in turning ideas into sustainable long-term businesses. This program is for a fixed period of time, varying as per the student’s choice. CSL has acceleration programs for durations of 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 3 months / 6 months. In this time period, the program specifically focuses on improving and accelerating the life-cycle of the business model.

Mentor Clinic Session for start-ups to interact with industry mentors

Mentor Clinic Sessions is a one-to-one discussion between a panel of mentors and the entrepreneur. This private and interactive session helps the mentee to create a distinct plan regarding their business and also have the answers for “What next?” It helps them resolve the problems they are currently facing and also equips them be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Investor connects with eligible start-ups & Demo Days

CSL assists the Start-Ups with their models and helps them bring out innovative means to promote their ideas. CSL also acts as a medium for the Investors to connect with eligible Start-Ups and further boost the business idea to a much influential standard.

University incubator programs

CSL conducts University Incubator programs which helps students have an exposure about entrepreneurship, its perks and obstacles and provide an outlook about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. This program lays a strong foundation in young minds and also assists them further if they choose to try their hands on in the Start-Up world.