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Your success lies in what drives you “


This Startup story of Ebin Alias is inspiring and will certainly make you believe that all you need in order to succeed, is a strong will and sheer resilience . A student who turned entrepreneur because he believed in the fact that “Dreams can come true, if you have the courage to peruse them”. It all started in the very college where he was studying to graduate. As it was a dream for him to be an entrepreneur, he started doing some  small projects and firmly believed that he could Startup in the college.

 It’s easier said than done and Ebin had to undergo many trials and tribulation in his college days and due to certain unseen circumstances, Startup in college didn’t happen for him. He went on to join a software company, but later realized that he wasn’t   satisfied with the job  and ended up quitting the job. After leaving the job, he decided to  join  a Startup company named Robo Inventions. He got the insights as in, how do robots work and how to build robots and gained a lot of knowledge while working in this Startup company. He was now very intrigued about robots and envisioned to do something great  in this field. Due to financial crisis, Ebin had to quit this job too. He joined a PCB manufacturing company and again ended up quitting it within few months as the job again  didn’t satisfy him. This was the  time, when Ebin decided to do something that he always wanted to do. Along with his three  colleagues he decided to have a Startup.

Four passionate engineers built a Startup and named the company as Teqard Labs Pvt Ltd. Unfortunately as a Startup it didn’t gain that much  attention.They invested money in building LED drivers with the mere hope that there will be a huge demand for their product in the market but unfortunately it didn’t happen. They provided students with robotic courses and kits which kept them going in terms of finance. Sooner or later did they realize that one of their suppliers was a UV manufacturer and due to this COVID-19 situation, they decided to find a solution as how can the incorporation of robots in hospitals, could help the mankind.As there is a decline in the number of COVID-19 patients, two areas that need attention now are hospitals and health centers where the affected and the recovered patients visited.  So they developed a Raybo, a smart UV disinfection robot, which can disinfect hospitals using ultraviolet rays. The controller can see the disinfection process as a live feed camera is installed in the robot. The robot will automatically turn off the UV rays, if it detects any human traces. This great initiative by Teqard Labs Pvt ltd, got everyone’s attention amidst this pandemic situation due to COVID-19. In the next stage of their  project the company is aiming to disinfect shopping malls, railway stations, inside planes, buses, and classrooms.

It’s the sheer  resilience of  Ebin Alias that helped him peruse his dream and achieve success. “When life tests your patience and endurance, all you need to do is believe in yourself and everything else will fall into place” says the Founder of Teqard Labs Pvt Ltd ~  Mr Ebin Alias.