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Success comes from affirming your potential.”



Hardwork and Luck are the true components of Success’’ says Athul Raj, who is the Co-Founder and CEO at Quarous Technology at Thrissur, Kerala. This is the story of the startup enthusiast who worked as the Software Engineer and had a dream of being an entrepreneur. The thought of him as being an entrepreneur came to him at an early age itself .At 2014, he was a student and NASCOM made an opportunity for him to think an idea in the startup. Currently he is working on the second startup idea of the Movie Premier League.

Being a leader is not an  easy task, he has to overcome a lot many struggles and difficulties. Athul Raj says that ‘’It’s the practice which makes everyone perfect” .Many experiences teach us the way of success. Started with the Colleagues at the company, had made a team and worked a lot to rise his company to a great height.

As a budding entrepreneur, he struggled for the initial seed fund but was so lucky enough to have a friend who supported and helped for the initial investment.

“Interaction with the community also plays a significant role in building a startup” says Athul Raj and the words are completely true. As an Entrepreneur , he worked on many ideas to reach his company to community ,experimented on every platform of social medias. Advertisements on Youtube channel about the startup took a great dimension to reach the audience to a great extent.

Now , this startup is reaching to a wonderful level of success, and many are offered great jobs and this collaboration  of hardwork and dedication made them to explore greater dimension of success.