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Penning down this success story about a company which is so unconventional and distinct in so many ways!

Two years ago Vishnu Nagaraj who already started his venture in the startup industry was seamlessly doing good as an entrepreneur with his first company taGDyou.  As they say ‘Don’t wait for the opportunity create it’ that’s what exactly Vishnu did! As he  went on to be the guest mentor for many IoT events, he realized that he wanted to  forge opportunities for others, help others to grow and build their own startups. It all started with his mere idea of creating a whatsapp group with his friends, to post all kind of opportunities  and help others how to startup. Meanwhile it emerged as a community to help the potential people to get hold of all kind opportunities to grow. This whatsapp group, which later turned out to be a community of people, who were ready to help each other in growing and prospering, was named as Carve Startup Labs – ‘Carving out the better tomorrows’

While sharing opportunities to others, he himself was bestowed upon with something great. The opportunity knocked at his door when he was asked to do his very first bootcamp in Gujrat and then there’s no looking back. He got opportunities from Government cell to do more bootcamps and create awareness about entrepreneurship. Carve Startup Labs finally got registered as a company in September 2019. This sheer journey of a whatsapp group to finally a company was mind boggling. It’s not always that you need every resource to build something great. We can always start from the scratch. A simple whatsapp group which now tends to become a big community/company, is fostering young minds and craving their skills.

Carve Startup Labs is an open platform to connect with mentors and to help you with your startups. Carve Startup Labs aims at fostering the most significant sectors of entrepreneurship i.e Rural Entrepreneurship and women entrepreneurship.

Now CSL is carving a strong niche in young minds through creative and technical workshops. The community is extensively working towards providing opportunities to the potential people, mentoring and moulding to help them build their own startups.

Striving and thriving, Carve Startup Labs has come a long way. ‘‘If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins’’ You have a passion to do something, go follow that passion, choose that unconventional path, because that will eventually help you be happy and content. Chartering the unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly, Carve Startup Labs is now carving a strong niche in young minds for better tomorrows.