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Start up school

Carve StartUp school

It is important to nurture the young minds from the very institution where they are sent to understand who they are. This is an initiative of CSL to start a startup school which is going to help the young minds to pave their ways to be future entrepreneurs. They need to accelerate their minds to have passionate ideas. Our very initiative of startup school will influence and guide the young minds. At times, classroom learning can be ephemeral, abstract and impractical. Students often complain that they will never be able to apply what they are learning in the real world.

Why Startup school?

This initiative of CSL will help and expand our vision of mentoring and helping more and students with potential ideas to build up their own company. To nurture their ideas and channelize them into potential start-ups



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Session 1

Overview of the Startup eco-system

We start with a overview of the startup and introduce entrepreneurship mindset. CSL Startup School help you to address the right problem statement and go through the ideation process.

Session 2

Overview of technologies and product development

Our mentors will give the overview of technologies and direct the vision of the startup companies. Every startup company will be required to choose the domain and the industry. Once they have their own product they are provided with basic technology accessibility, they will go for the product development and product designing. They need to understand the domain of the technology and go for UI/UX.

A product prototype is the very step that you need to take after you’ve got a product idea. The prototype of the product should be designed in a integrated way that the product gets a good functionality.

Session 3

Know your customer before you Build it

What the customers require?

It’s essential for the startup company to understand the customer’s requirement. Product requirements are documented expectations and specifications that define a product or service. It’s the very task to understand the customer’s needs and design the product.

Understanding the market:

  1. Analysis of the marketing tools for the product service is quite an essential factor.
  2. Focusing on the research to provide better product-service specifically.
  3. The existing marketing competitors should be analysed and researched.

Who is your customer?

Understanding the fact that who you’re targeting, who are your customers. Based on that we develop the product for the targeted people. A company can serve any number of customers this may include internal and external customer’s influencers, employees etc.

Session 4

Time to Proof

a) We will help you in building the POC (Proof of concept) which is one of the important aspects.

b) The very next step is to do the testing; here we do the testing with the real customers.

c) After this we take the feedbacks from the customers.

d) Testing and verifying the results for the approval.

Session 5

Secure your Idea

A Patent is an intellectual property (IP) right for a technical invention. It provides us with the authentication and prevents others from using your invention for commercial purposes. We will be providing you with the session on patent IP, so that they get to know about their patents.

Knowing the product for the better product service is essential. However good the product may be, no one will buy, until they believe in it. Knowing and understanding the customer’s needs is the prime factor of the company’s growth.

Session 6

Register the company

Before registering a company we help you to go through the entire legal procedures and documents you should prepare


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Session 7

First battle with the market

Introduction to MVP:

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a concept from Lean Startup that stresses the impact of learning in new product development. When planning for development for your startup, how you are going to priorities your development- we are going to find out a solution for you. MVP is the first shippable product that is delivered to users. Others believe that the use of MVP’s helps validating the existence for a product. We will help to create interest for publishing the product.

The framework involves all the do’s and don’ts for the particular product we are able to publish in the market. You will be able to provide the most understandable product to a customer. Basically, you will be meeting the needs of a customer in a viable manner.

Test with customer:

We provide you a pre-launch survey of the particular product which will make you understand the pros and cons for the revalidation. It will make you easy and effective to sort out and reject or even redesign the product in a new product. Customer are the integral part of the market. Validating your product before introducing your product to the market.

Session 8

Plan before the sales

Marketing Strategy:

Growing a business is not easy. It seemed always difficult for making and planning out the strategy for growing a business. Using different demographic platforms for the growth will be the best marketing strategy. Ordinarily, knowing your product and using that as a strength is what we think the best marketing strategy.

  • Use social media
  • Create video tutorials
  • Start blogging
  • Understand search engine optimisation
  • Leverage influencers
  • Build a great lead magnet
  • Create an affiliate program
  • Use email marketing sequences
  • Understand the market

Sales Technique:

At the end of the development we need to sell a product in the competitive market which in term is the major sales framework. The most important thing is to browse your product throughout the market for growing the value of the product.

Session 9

Business Plan and Pitch Deck

Creating a Business plan:

Our team will help you to know about the process of making a business plan which is more vital for the company itself. Plotting a business plan will make you efficient for introducing your product in a large scale and for a long term.

Creating a financial plan:

The vital thing in a startup is the finance and without the monetary support is nearly impossible to grow in a market. Before getting the investment we will be working on some major plans so as to get the investors and the finance for the production. The major question for planning to get the investment is what unique do you have? And what will an investor looks in your idea.

Creating a pitch deck:

We will make you learn preparing the best pitch deck you will get to show the potential investors. Our team will help you to know the best and the effective way to make the kind of pitch deck you want.

Valuation- the peak point of every startup:

An entrepreneur needs to understand that valuation is more of an art rather than science. Valuation is one of the major part of the startup. We will provide you the best sessions to valuate your startup in a competitive market.

Session 10

Build a Brand

Branding/ Positioning:

How you observe your company for promoting and branding. How to value your own company for the position and value your own brand in it. Accepting all the existing and challenging opportunities will build the best brand which you will get to approach through various webinars and sessions out here in startup school.

Session 11

Know what investor is looking for

Approaching an Investor:

Our sessions will help you how to approach a group of investors according to your idea and the product. Our team will help you to prepare to meet the investors. You will get a chance to pitch your idea and approach an investor for investing in your company and help you to make you learn for finding a good and right investor.

Session 12

Time to Launch

Launch the Product:

Every one launch the product in CSL Product Launch day

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