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CSL conducts University Incubator programs which helps students have an exposure about entrepreneurship, its perks and obstacles and provide an outlook about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

This program lays a strong foundation in young minds and also assists them further if they choose to try their hands on in the StartUp world.

We are fortunate enough to connect a number of incubators into our platform and getting a keen observation to their work which made us today to partner and collaborate with the best incubators of the state.

We are also planning to drive the collaborated incubators to succeed and giving them grand opportunities to pitch and create the pavilion for their own incubation Centre.


Acceleration Program is exclusively designed to help Start-Ups at POC stage to get an in-depth insight of “How to run your company?” In this program, the entrepreneurs are guided, trained and financed on their specific platform.

It gives a broader perspective of the domain, gives an exposure to tech communities and helps in turning ideas into sustainable long-term businesses.

This program is for a fixed period of time, varying as per the student’s choice.

CSL has acceleration programs for durations of 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 3 months / 6 months. In this time period, the program specifically focuses on improving and accelerating the life-cycle of the business model.


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